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Belle is a boutique communication, public relations, engagement and marketing consultancy based in Cambridge and servicing the broader Waikato region. 

We build relationships.
We build reputations.
We influence.
We get results.  

Belle PR is a boutique communication, public relations, engagement and marketing consultancy based in Cambridge and servicing the broader Waikato region. 

We work with a broad mix of organisations to build brand awareness and identity, achieve meaningful engagement, create clever PR campaigns, strengthen credibility and trust, and communicate more effectively with the people that matter to their business or cause. 

Led by award-winning consultant Charlotte FitzPatrick (APR), our broad experience in communications, public relations, engagement and marketing spans many different industries and sectors including health, education, local government, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and professional services to name a few.

Why choose Belle PR

Businesses engage with Belle PR for a range of reasons, and no two organisations ever have the same needs. Perhaps you're wanting to make the most of the opportunities ahead of you. Or you might have a challenge or issue to resolve.

It's important to work with a trustworthy partner with diverse experience, a strategic mind, a calm and considered approach, and evidence that they will deliver results. 

Belle PR offers something different and unique in that we're both strategic and creative in our public relations and communications approach. 

Ultimately, that means everything we work on meets the needs of your audience, has an impact, and will deliver great outcomes.

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You'll have an enjoyable experience working with Belle PR, and you'll feel supported to make the best decisions for your business.