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Community Relations

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Community Relations and Stakeholder Engagement

Belle PR stands as the Waikato's seasoned orchestrator of community and stakeholder engagement with extensive experience in both local and central government projects, many of which have been award-winning.

We bring a unique blend of insight, strategy, and genuine commitment to community engagement - a two-way process including both speaking and listening. We recognise that effective engagement goes beyond mere communication – it's about building understanding, fostering trust, and creating lasting relationships.

Our services include:

  • Engagement and consultation planning and delivery 

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Stakeholder management plans 

  • Communication plans

    • Development

    • Implementation

  • Connecting with iwi liaison and management specialists

  • Preparation of engagement and consultation materials, meetings and events (e.g. information flyers, media, advertising, documents, public events, workshops) 

  • Research, including survey design, implementation, analysis and reporting

  • Sourcing and scoping appropriate digital engagement and online tools

Case study - Cambridge Town Hall


The newly established Cambridge Town Hall Community Trust was formed to re-activate the Town Hall and attract more local events whilst engaging the local community and stakeholders in a short and long-term redevelopment plan to realise the Town Hall's full potential. Their goal? To ensure that the community not only benefits from this historic asset but actively participates in shaping its future. The Trust reached out to Charlotte as an experienced community relations practitioner who understood the local community to lead a community and stakeholder relations programme of work.


Charlotte's extensive background in community and stakeholder relations and engagement saw her carry out research and develop a bespoke communication, public relations, marketing and engagement strategy to align with the Trust's overarching vision, which was to bring the Town Hall up to modern standards, celebrate its heritage status, and reactivate it as the central premier local venue in Cambridge. The strategy focused on embracing a unique approach to collaborate and co-design a programme with the community, ensuring that the redevelopment journey was a collective experience rather than a predetermined plan imposed from above.


  • A comprehensive marketing communications plan designed to increase utilisation and re-activate the space for a diverse range of functions and events, ready for implementation.

  • Engaged community and stakeholders.

  • Showcase of the diverse opportunities at the Cambridge Town Hall.

  • An informed community at each stage of the planning process (redevelopment is a work in progress).

  • Stories shared that foster a strong sense of pride in the town hall.

  • Local businesses and community organisations engaged through targeted events.

  • Support for the general manager at an operational level to ensure communications are targeted and timely and meet the community and stakeholders' communications needs.

How can Belle PR help you?

Belle PR is proud to be home to one of New Zealand's most experienced community and stakeholder relations practitioners. We're especially seasoned in the local government space and understand the dynamics and nuances an effective communications and engagement specialist needs to navigate. We have significant experience supporting local councils to effectively engage with their communities, and have worked with many other not-for-profits, registered charities and trusts to effectively engage with their stakeholders. We don't stop at developing a strategy; we'll wholeheartedly drive its successful implementation too!

Ask us how we can help you engage effectively with your stakeholders

We'd love to hear about your current situation or project and how we could help you effectively engage with those who matter to your cause. Let's start with a coffee to understand how Belle PR could support you and your team. Whether it is research and discovery, a full engagement strategy, or just polishing up some regular communications to influence your stakeholders, we're here to help. If you're interested in learning more about our services, get in touch today.