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Digital Marketing and Advertising

Digital marketing is a science and requires a specialist to navigate this constantly changing discipline. That’s why we have a dedicated digital marketing and advertising specialist to support our clients with their digital marketing strategy.

We go beyond campaigns to build lasting digital success for your brand. Our comprehensive approach ensures a strategic foundation that resonates with your audience and drives tangible results.

Our digital marketing service includes four steps:

  1. Onboarding - At the outset, we ensure a seamless onboarding process. This involves gaining access to your accounts, setting up tracking and pixels, and establishing the necessary backend configurations. As part of our thorough onboarding, we conduct a detailed SEO audit to identify areas for improvement and optimisation.

  2. Strategy and detailed briefing session - This is where we align your digital marketing goals to the overall business strategy. This initial meeting allows us to delve into your overarching business goals, marketing communications strategy, and specific requirements for the digital marketing campaign. We'll explore keywords, define your target audience, and identify potential challenges and opportunities to ensure our strategies align with your broader objectives.

  3. Content creation and visual strategy - Understanding the importance of visuals and content in today's digital landscape, we collaborate on content creation with our partners. Whether it's the use of photographers, videographers, or graphic designers, we work towards building a content library that authentically represents your brand. This content becomes a powerful tool for engagement and, importantly, contributes to building and enhancing your SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation).

  4. Measurement and reporting - Throughout the digital marketing campaign, we provide monthly reports tracking the performance of our digital marketing efforts. These reports showcase the progress made and serve as a foundation for making informed recommendations. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that we adapt and evolve our strategies to add maximum value to your brand.

We recommend a minimum commitment of three months for an awareness, conversions or sales campaign to truly make an impact and see the transformative effects of our digital marketing strategies. This timeframe allows for implementing our carefully crafted strategies, allowing your brand to establish a robust online presence and effectively engaging with your target audience. For optimal results, a six-month commitment is preferred.

We have digital marketing packages for awareness, conversions, sales and video campaigns. Costs for these packages can be shared upon request. Ad spend per month can be scaled up or down to suit your budget.

Would you like to see examples and results from other clients?

We are happy to share these with you, with approval from our clients. Please contact us directly for more information.

How can Belle PR help you?

Start your brand's journey towards achieving digital excellence with a carefully crafted awareness, conversions, sales or video digital marketing campaign. At Belle PR, our team is dedicated to implementing effective digital marketing strategies and we will ensure that every aspect of your online presence aligns seamlessly with your overall business goals for maximum impact. We also leverage analytics to provide data-driven insights, allowing you to measure the effect of your digital marketing and advertising campaigns. Our team brings innovation and expertise to every project, ensuring that your brand stands out in the digital landscape.

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Let us guide you through the digital landscape, where every click and page visit contributes to the success of your brand. We are dedicated to transparency and accountability, which is evident in our thorough reporting and measurement practices. We don't just focus on clicks and reach; we delve into the truly relevant metrics to your business. This information empowers you to make informed decisions about your overall PR, communications, marketing and engagement strategy. If you're ready to start your digital marketing journey with Belle PR, contact us today to find out how our digital and social media services can redefine your brand's online presence.